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Taste of opening narrative

bit of Atomic by Sleeper

bit of Sing by Blur

What can be said about this movie? I mean, it's really not everyday that a cult classic is born. As an avid Rocky Horror Picture Show fan (and participater, I might add), I know the power of such films. Trainspotting, novel written by Irvine Welsh and movie directed by Danny Boyle, is a bit different, to say the least. It's real, it's poignant, and yet it doesn't take shite from anybody. It has a black comedy feel to it, as do most of Welsh's creations, but its characters are intelligent people who one can easily relate to (in situations beyond belief-watch the movie). I can't get enough of this movie, the accents, and the fuck all attitude associated with Mark Renton and his schemie pals. With an amazing soundtrack featuring such legends as Iggy Pop and Lou Reed, it's hard not to adore this movie. Even if you hate it or don't agree with Rent-boy's philosophies on life, it makes you think and challenges why you choose life or don't.