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*Listen to their music!
Come Out Clean

  • This is me during a J,LC show...overly excited in every way, so that I look absolutely drugged and dorky...excellent music goes through my boooooones, and into my marroooowww...what can I say? Hey hey hey...

  • **J,LC...URGENT MESSAGE...if you want to come and play San Francisco, you can stay with me...yes, that sounds somewhat crazy but I just moved here from Florida and I live in a great house with 8 other roomies! So e-me guys! (leaving this improbability up to fate, haha)...**

    Click the piggy and buy their CD! I gaurantee you that it is amazing and that they will be famous soon!
    *If you hate it, which is utterly impossible, you can e-me with some harsh words of regret and lament...see bottom...*

    Here's my homage to my most favorite band, R.E.M....don't be jealous J,LC but those men have been around the block and back, and I've been listening all along...

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